Undergoing Laser Hair Removal? 4 Tips That Will Help You Prepare For The Big Day

If you're tired of shaving your legs or your underarms on a weekly basis, it's time to consider laser hair removal. One of the benefits of laser hair removal is that it's permanent, which means you'll never have to shave again. No more worrying about stubble when you choose your wardrobe each day. Before you schedule your laser treatment session, here are four steps that will help you prepare for the procedure:

Making The Most Of Your Eyelash Extensions

Every woman gets frustrated with the drudgery of applying mascara and eyeliner every day and still failing to reach the desired level of fullness and length promised by cosmetic companies. The reality is that most women are not endowed with lashes that will ever be as amazing as what is seen in makeup advertisements. The reason behind this is because the models almost always wear extensions. Eyelash extensions make it possible for every woman to have the length and fullness they crave and to do so without any makeup needed.

3 Ways Men Can Become More Fertile

When it comes to starting a family, fertility issues can pose a real problem. In order for a successful pregnancy to occur, both the man and the woman must be taking measures to ensure maximum fertility. If you have been trying to have a child but haven't had luck conceiving, here are three things that you can do as a man to help improve your fertility in the future. 1. Avoid the use of lubricants.

Why Are My Nails Fraying?

As you get older, the sight of peeling, fraying nails, where it looks like layers of the nail are peeling back from the end, can become more common. But sometimes there's an underlying cause for this nail fraying (also called onychoschizia), and if you address the underlying cause, you can reduce or eliminate the peeling effect. Some of these potential causes are easy to take care of, while others may need more extensive treatment.

Some Things You Need To Know About Using A Cold Cap

If you are getting ready to go through chemotherapy you might be wondering what you can do to prevent hair loss. The thought of losing your hair is one of the hardest things many women deal with. Especially since once the hair grows back you don't know how well it will take and if will be as thick or nice as your previous hair. This is why a cold cap is such a good option.